Data Center

 There are four specific field for planning, installation and setting up data center as below:

  • Designing & implementation of physical instruction of data center
  • Designing & implementation of lane in data center
  • Configuration of servers, storage, SAN & virtualization
  • Starting systems, services management, monitoring and security solutions

Atras Age of Technology Company with benefiting of knowledge and experiences is able to do EPC projects in data centers.

In a glance, Atras Age of Technology Company services in data center are as below:


¢  Design and performing physical infrastructures according to TIA942 in data centers includes the following:

  • Power cabling
  • Passive cabling
  • Rack layout planning
  • Raised floor
  • Access ceiling
  • UPS
  • Cooling systems
  • Firefighting systems
  • Physical security


¢  Design network and communication infrastructures of data center

  • SAN and storage configuration / plan & configuration of all servers such as IBM/DELL, HP, Blade servers
  • Instruction and configuration of data centers based on VM ware & Cyrix
  • Security service of data centers including firewall WAF, IPS, UTM, DLP
  • NOC and SOC services
  • Network access control system including NAC& X.802-1 protocol
  • Physical security systems: CCTV, access control, gate
  • Backup and disaster recovery for physical and virtual servers
  • Routing & switching service for data centers
  • Secure communication for: MPLS, VSAT, radio, fiber optic, internet
  • VPN configuration & secure remote access
  • Data center interconnection solutions



Data center unit:

The main task of this unit is to offer consultancy, design, monitoring, execution and management in the physical infrastructure and active the Data center by expert engineer according to international standards and local instructions. Our goal is doing the best by using best practice and updating engineer’s knowledge Includes the following technical teams:


  • Consultant and design
  • Project implementation
  • Support and service


¢ The main task of “consultant’ and design teams” is:

  • Consulting serviceRondeboschITheader
  • Data gathering
  • Conceptual design
  • Detail design
  • Supervising
  • Tender documents & RFP
  • LOM &LOS
  • Auditing


¢ The main task of “Project implementation” is:

  • Project management & WBS
  • Procurement
  • Subcontractor
  • Implementation
  • test
  • As built documents


¢ The main task of “Support and service” is:

  • 7×24 Data center maintenances & support service
  • On call support