Support, Maintenance and after sales unit:

In order to expand marketing activities and respond to the customers’ needs Atras Age of Technology Company endeavored to cooperate with the other representations in all across the country.  Also this company for performance of its duties to meet the customers’ demands started to establish one of the best after sales services as a new action, to focuses on swift responding and decrease customer’s apprehensions.  The motto of this unit is the consistency of offering services to gain complete satisfaction of the customers.  For this reason, services of 7×24 will be offered on call and based on customers’ request is offer able on site.

It is worth mentioning that for constructive interaction and establishing more and easier way of communication with customers, this company intends to use the facilities and Telecommunications service such as SMS and e-mail to be informed of the customer’s satisfaction.

 UPS and Battery Consultancy includes:

  • Choosing the power of UPS
  • UPS technology based on employer’s demands
  • The way of distribution of UPS
  • Choosing Batteries
  • Calculation of Back-up time
  • Preparation of technical documents

 Data center consulting includes:

  • Choosing sites
  • Cooling systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Earth protection systems
  • Security systems
  • Network infrastructure systems
  • Active Data center equipment systems

 Repair, Services and Maintainers:

  • Maintenance of UPS, Chargers and Rectifiers
  • Service and Maintenance of UPS based on the annual contract or case by case
  • Contract for Maintenance and Support of Data Centers


  • UPS, Battery, Charger, Rectifier, Physical infrastructure equipment and activation of data


  • Professional course of uninterrupted power Supply (UPS)
  • Designing of data centers according to BICSI2014 standard
  • Designing of data centers according to TIA942 standard