Vertical Power Distribution Module (PDU)
Attributes:Ability to install without the need for tools

This allows the consumer to install or remove the device behind the rack very quickly and easily.

Ability to reset the security key

In case of overload or short circuit in some models

General installation capability

This allows no space to be occupied from the useful space of the rack and allows the installation of more equipment inside the rack, also minimizes the distance between the server and the power connector and creates a more beautiful and safer arrangement for the equipment.

Various output connectors

Each device has two types of output connectors IEC-C13 and IEC-C19, and this makes it possible to power all kinds of computer equipment and servers with 10A and 16A power.

Ability to install from two directions

Possibility of installing PDU so that the input cable can be guided from the top and bottom of the rack.

NYMHY rubber flex input cable

Makes the cable arrangement very suitable and beautiful, especially in the place of bends. The cover of this type of cable is more resistant to physical damage and abrasion than conventional spray cables.

Industrial input connector

The connector used is of very good quality and has CE standard. The quality of this connector is very important and important because the disturbances related to the power distribution system occur from the connections and connectors.

Power Cable Supports:

Supports have been installed for this purpose in order to control the power cables of servers and computer equipment and prevent them from being disconnected from the power module connector.

Color quality

Rack power distribution modules are generally installed in data centers and data centers, and since the humidity in this type of center is regulated between 45% to 55%, so to prevent rusting, the body of the equipment must have the appropriate quality and thickness of paint. In this machine, all the scaling steps up to the paint stage are strictly controlled and finally the output product has very good adhesion and paint thickness.

Print Help

All connectors and elements of the device have guide printing in silk. This print is executed in white on a black background and has a very good quality.

Output connectors

In the mentioned vertical power distribution modules, two models of connector IEC-C13 and connector IEC-C19 from reputable brands have been used so that all kinds of equipments with 10A and 16A capacities can be connected. The quality of the output connectors is very important as it is the main point of accident.

Dielectric test

Dielectric test is performed to ensure the insulation resistance of current carriers and the body of the device.

Monitoring capability

In Metered and IP models, the parameters of voltage, current, power and energy are monitored. It is also possible to install a temperature sensor and display it on IP models.

Network connectivity

In IP models, it is possible to connect the PDU to the network through the SNMP or Modbus port, and the parameters that can be measured by the equipment can be displayed and managed through the network.

B       A       S       I       C

M   E   T   E  R   E   D

I   P

Rack Horizontal Power Distribution Module (PDU)

Power module of a horizontal unit, BASIC, single phase, 32A