Introduction to Atras Age of Technology Company:

 Atras Age of Technology Company with benefiting from two decades of knowledge and experiences of its founders in the line of information technology area and for the purpose of elevation of qualification design standards and accomplishments of ICT projects started its activities.

Hard efforts for constant presence in the market through elevation of products quality, offering after sales services and customers satisfaction is the main goal of this company.

During last years, Atras Age of Technology Company was a great support for many respected companies with accomplishment of several expanded project with benefiting from the advisers with executive experiences and having the professional experts.

We believe that improvement and expansion of each industry needs qualified experts and compassionate human resources rather the financial resources. Therefore, we believe that with using the qualified experienced human resources we are taking the confident steps towards the improvement and expansion of it in the country.

The main activities of the Atras Age of Technology Company are as following:

Organizational units:

Data Center unit:

The main task of this unit is to offer consultancy, design, monitoring, execution and management in the physical infrastructure and active the Datacenter.

Marketing and sales unit:

This unit with the maximum control on company’s product and in close cooperation with the training unit has been updated and with full understanding of the costumer’s need provides the most suitable products.

After sales service unit:

With offering golden services, this unit aimed at reducing the concerns and apprehensions of its customers. For this reason, 7×24 services will be offered “on call” and as per customer’s request “on sits”

At the end, this company intends to be leader and pioneer in expansion of IT area and relevant electrical systems, with stabilizing of its activates in the market and always be distinguished in the country. For achieving this goal honestly and being trustworthy is epigraph for activities and main policy of this company. We are able to satisfy customers with reliable products and professional solutions.