Cold and hot closed model room


In a data center, racks are arranged in facing or back-to-back rows to create a pattern for air circulation.

Thus, in the first arrangement, the required cold air is concentrated in the front corridors of the racks and in the second arrangement, the hot air produced is concentrated behind the racks.

Despite the row arrangement, there is a possibility of combining hot and cold air at the top of the racks and at the entrance and exit of the corridor, which in turn reduces the efficiency of the cooling system in the data center.

In order to solve this problem in the latest solution presented in the data center layout, the cold or hot corridor is completely isolated by using doors and ceilings, and thus the combination of hot and cold air is completely prevented by enclosing the corridor and forming a chamber. Cold or hot It is possible to cool the racks with a relatively high thermal density.

Thus, the efficiency and distribution of cooling in this solution is greatly improved.


Possibility of providing in the form of hot or cold corridors
Possibility of presenting as a single aisle corridor
Match corridor types with different widths
Roof panels of different types
Possibility of placing LED lights on the sides
Provided with different heights in order to create space for installing camera equipment and nozzles and detectors without disturbing the rack doors
Possibility to provide simple or electric doors
Possibility of design based on hinged or sliding door
Possibility of engraving the employer logo on the glass